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Happening on the farm

24 April 2011 / Read

April Vacation Camp Week 2011

April Vacation Camp was wonderful this year. We had a wonderful small group of girls, all returning campers. They did a wonderful job helping me to catalog all of the new baby goats. It was getting hard to keep track of who belonged to who! We handled them daily and they are all quite friendly […]

5 April 2011 / Read

Spring calves and lambs

Both cows have calved. We sadly lost Sherry’s heifer calf. The vet believes the cord broke during delivery and she did not get out quick enough. We convinced her to adopt a jersey bull calf though. She loves her new adopted son! Margo gave birth to another gorgeous heifer calf just 2 weeks later. She […]

7 March 2011 / Read

2011 lambing has begun

The first lambs arrived on March 3rd, a beautiful set of black twin ewe lambs (females). These were followed friday by another set of twins. This time a black ram lamb and a white ewe lamb. All four lambs are doing well. Many more to come!

6 February 2011 / Read

Sheep shearing 2011

All 21 sheep were successfully shorn today in preparation for lambing. We shear the sheep prior to lambing for several reasons. 1) When ewes lamb it stresses their bodies and they get a break or weak spot in each wool fiber at that spot. This makes it less desirable to hand spinners. 2) The lambs […]

30 January 2011 / Read

New lambing barn finished

The new addition to the lambing barn is finally done! It is all bedded and read for sheep. Lambing will start in March. The first calf is due the end of February and the second calf is due the middle of March. The Goats will be kidding in April! We have decided to add some […]

4 August 2010 / Read

Camp week 2 photos

Enjoy these photographs from week 2 of camp. Lots of smiling faces and happy animals.