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Happening on the farm

16 April 2009 / Read

Lambing and kidding

We have been awfully busy with lambing and kidding season. I am happy to report that both are done and we had a very successful year. I have not had the time to update photos, but plan to over the week of school vacation coming up. We have 17 beautiful black and white lambs, and […]

9 February 2009 / Read

The lambs have started!

The first lambs out of my 2 new Texel ewes were born on January 22nd and February 3rd. All 3 are little girls and doing well. It’s been a tough start though. One of the ewes lambed with scar tissue in the teat canal and although she WANTS to mother them, they have had to […]

12 December 2008 / Read

Little Brook Farm at Storrowton Village

Kristen and Travis brought llamas, sheep, goats, donkeys, ducks and Border Collies to the Storrowton Village Yuletide Festival over this past weekend, December 6th and 7th for a petting zoo and Border Collie herding demonstrations. Here are some great photos that Travis took during the herding demonstrations on the common using both ducks and sheep. […]

15 November 2008 / Read

Lamb available

Fresh, frozen, cryovac wrapped lamb is available for purchase. Now taking custom orders for the 2009 lamb crop.

12 November 2008 / Read

More farm critters!

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