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Roping on Rio.

Kristen Whittle

Kristen began her career in 1981 as a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Animal Science. She managed a dairy farm in Vermont and then returned to UMass where she worked as the Livestock Manager for 13 years. It was while managing the sheep flock at UMass that Kristen purchased and trained her first Border Collie. Kristen purchased Little Brook Farm in 1985. She returned to school in 1993 after her son Travis was born and received a second degree as a registered nurse. After a career as a visiting nurse, school nurse, district nurse leader and nursing instructor, Kristen retired from nursing and has continued farming and training Border Collies.

Nobody can resist a baby goat.

Tom Norwood

Tom and Kristen were married in June of 2012. Tom, now retired was the owner and Master Instructor of Western Mass Martial Arts in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. He has become quite an adept farmhand over the past decade here at Little Brook Farm. Tom not only takes care of all the mechanical farm needs, but has learned to handle the livestock and the many challenges that come with it. Tom spends many hours in his garage where he designs, modifies and builds old school hot rods.

Travis and Blue (a few years ago!)

Travis Whittle

Travis is Kristen’s son and has been her right-hand man on the farm. He has helped with the farm and livestock since he could walk and has assisted with her Border Collie herding demos since before he could walk. Travis is now pursuing his own career and is a home owner and landlord. He continues to care for the farm when Kristen and Tom need a holiday!

Tilly walking up on some ewes

The Border Collies

Tilly, Gemma and Bett are the Border Collies that help manage and move the livestock here at Little Brook Farm. Each has her own style of working. Visit the Working Dogs page for more information and pictures.