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April Vacation Camp was wonderful this year. We had a wonderful small group of girls, all returning campers. They did a wonderful job helping me to catalog all of the new baby goats. It was getting hard to keep track of who belonged to who! We handled them daily and they are all quite friendly now. They also helped to handle the new baby chicks that will become our laying flock. We had the misfortune of losing all of the chickens and ducks this past year to a mangy fox. So new ones were hatched, and ducklings will be joining them in a few more months.

We also visited a Boer Goat farm in Leyden that is run by a coworker of mine, Lynette Snedeker. She has the healthiest, strongest herd of meat goats I know. In fact, I am planning on purchasing some from her this year.

The campers worked with Calvin, the adopted Jersey son of Sherry, one of my Lowline Beef cows. Calvin is starting to lead nicely. They really wanted to try working with Lola, the Lowline Beef heifer calf, so we caught her up one day. Boy was she mad, which got her mama pretty mad. She will need a lot more work to get to the friendly stage!

They groomed Katie, the new Dexter cow, and my horse Rio. And despite the cold and rain, we worked with my newest border collie, one year old Tilly, most days.

The last day I haltered up lambs for each of them. That was pretty hysterical. The lambs tend to throw themselves to the ground and just lay there when you first halter them. Just like all the animals though, if you worked with them everyday, they would get tame and friendly pretty quickly.

So here are some photos from camp week, one of the funnest yet!