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Home at last!

We are home in the US and tomorrow I will make the final drive to my own home. Feels good to be home and to be able to brush my teeth by running the toothbrush under the faucet instead of having to open bottled water. Oh the little things we take for granted. I have […]

Last Update–from Nurse Whittle

Sunday, 2009-11-05 Interesting, the computer here automatically wrote the date the way they usually write it over here in India. The year is first, then the month, then the day. Hard to believe that it is already November and that our trip is coming to an end. We fly from Udaipur to Delhi this afternoon […]


Here are some photos to get you started. I sent my last post to Susan to upload for me. Having the same copy and paste problem here. Must be something to do with this older version of word? Who knows, but please read the post to get an explanation about the pictures. See you all […]


More water buffalo crossing the road in front of us. It’s going to be so boring driving on US roads what with no livestock on them and all the cars going in the right direction! These are two oxen turning a wheel that is attached to the water wheel at the left. those are small […]

Pushkar Fair Report by Howie Whittle

Our days at the Pushkar Fair started with a camel chariot ride to the fairgrounds. We saw hundreds of camels, horses, cattle and goats and all- of the items that can be used to decorate them ride them or harness them.There were riding performances to demonstrate how fast a horse could go or what tricks […]

Pushkar and Animals–by Nurse Whittle

We had 2 nights in Pushkar and I got my fill of animals! It was nice to have a break from palaces and forts! The buildings here are incredibly old but after awhile I atleast need a break from history lessons! We met a woman from Australia named Annie, that had sort of adopted a […]

More Marwaris and sunsets!

The black Marwari horse to the left is the one I got to take a ride on! The gray is a very large and health example of a well bred one.The 3 young ones are an example of the tulip ears, which touch in the middle, and the large black bull is the biggest water […]

More Pushkar Fair

The Marwari horse is an ancient Indian breed. They have a unique shape of ear, called tulip ears. At this fair they will have 1000’s of camels, horses and cattle to be bought and sold. The colorful piles of powder below are for making the Bindi, which is the spot applied to the forehead just […]

Pushkar Fair Camels

I can’t seem to copy and paste again today! So just enjoy these photos and I will try to add the text later!

Amber Palace

This morning we visited the Amber Palace on the outskirts of Jaipur. It is another amazing and beautiful palace built up in the mountains. The palace is huge and it is surrounded by an even larger fort with a retaining wall that makes you think of the Great Wall of China. Inside the palace is […]

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