Pushkar Fair – Part 2

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Our days at the Pushkar Fair started with a camel chariot ride to the fairgrounds. We saw hundreds of camels, horses, cattle and goats and all- of the items that can be used to decorate them ride them or harness them.

There were riding performances to demonstrate how fast a horse could go or what tricks it could do. I even got to ride a Mawari horse !
We watched a competition for the camel and chariot most beautifully decorated with colored wool, pom-poms, mirrors, shells and fabrics and of course took pictures of the winners. One evening we photographed a sunset over the fairgrounds with camels in the foreground.
We continued to be surrounded by men, women and children with something to sell. I even bought something from a cute little girl who followed our chariot barefoot for half a mile.

Today we had a long drive from Pushkar to Jodphur which included getting sideswiped by an old bus. No one was injured, just our car but it made it to our hotel.


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