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Little Brook Farm

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More water buffalo crossing the road in front of us. It’s going to be so boring driving on US roads what with no livestock on them and all the cars going in the right direction!

These are two oxen turning a wheel that is attached to the water wheel at the left. those are small buckets that are being pulled up full of water from a well that is was about 100 feet or more down. The wheel goes around and dumps them into a trough that delivers it to the fields for irrigation.

One of the oldest Jain temples. This was all marble with incredible carvings.

There were 116 columns throughout the temple. I decided to play with the shadows in a black and white photograph.

The entrance to the Jain temple on the way to Udaipur.


Nurse Kristen models her new clothes. The pants are called Salwar, but I do not have my notes with me to tell you what the other pieces are!

We went to a village known for its handicrafts and my mother and I fell in love with the rug weaving.

This is a 4 day old water buffalo calf. I might need to buy some of these when I get home!

Wherever you go children come running. Some because they are curious, but most have learned to beg for money from the tourists. They will beg from Indians and foreigners alike.

I loved this fellow with his goatherd!