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We had two nights in Pushkar and I got my fill of animals! It was nice to have a break from palaces and forts! The buildings here are incredibly old but after awhile I at least need a break from history lessons! We met a woman from Australia named Annie, that had sort of adopted a local family a few years ago. She built them a house and bought them a camel and a horse. This has allowed them to produce income by using the camel for work and the horse, a paint (2 colors) Marwari for weddings. Weddings here a huge elaborate affairs. The groom is the one that is brought in by horseback. Many families go deeply into debt to put on big weddings. They may save for them for years. The horse Annie bought for the family won the horse race on the first day and the family also won the camel decoration contest.

On the way to Jodhpur we got side swiped by a bus. We left 300 ft of skidmarks on the road, but no one was hurt. Took off the side mirror and couldn’t open the front door, but we were able to drive the rest of the way to the hotel.

Today we shopped in the bazaar in Jodhpur, miles (it seemed)of little shops carrying textiles, jewelery, spices, and lots of very cheap nicnaks. A lot more plastic than I expected to see. But also some nice block printed fabrics, embroidery, silks, rugs, and linens.

Tonight we will have dinner with a family at their home.

Thanks, Susan for posting this for me!

Namaste from Nurse Whittle