Grass-fed, locally grown lamb

The lamb grown on our farm is grass and hay fed and supplemented with some local grains. This produces a lean, healthy lamb with a very mild flavor. We guarantee our meat to be hormone and antibiotic-free. Lamb may be purchased by the cut or ordered as whole or half-lambs that will be cut to your specifications. Be sure to check out some of our delicious recipes and cooking tips.

  • Loin and rib chops – $22.00/lb
  • Leg of lamb – $15.00/lb
  • Shoulder & leg chops – $15.00/lb
  • Ground lamb – $12.00/lb
  • Stew meat – $12.00/lb
  • Lamb shanks – $11.00/lb
  • Kabobs – $15.00/lb.
  • Liver, heart, kidneys – $3.00/lb
  • Whole/half lamb – $7.50/lb hanging weight

Please contact us to place your order.