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Little Brook Farm

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I picked up my new Border Collie puppy 2 weeks ago. She is from a very promising cross and I have high hopes that she will be an outstanding worker. We named her Matilda and call her Tilly. I already love her temperment. She has her wild puppy moments, but she quiets down easily and has already learned a great many things. At 11 weeks old she knows “stay” when I go out a door, and when we go upstairs. She will follow us to the the bottom of the stairs and when we tell her to “stay” she turns and trots off back to the living room. She is starting to get “off” but when new people arrive she is still too overcome with excitement to remember until we tell her once. She has been coming to the barn with me daily to get used to the sights, sounds and smells. I am careful not to allow her access to any of the livestock yet though. She is much too young and could get hurt and become afraid. She is taking to riding in the car well and tolerating a leash. Tilly still tries to eat everything in the house that she can sink her sharp little puppy teeth into, but she will drop the shoe, sock, pencil, paper, remote control, etc…. with one well timed “NO” and move on to one of the hundreds of appropriate chew toys we provided for her. Below are some photos and a video clip or two of her. Enjoy!

Tilly watching the sheep from afar

Matilda looking very cute

Matilda resting after some heavy reading on sheepdog trialing

Turns out I have to learn a little something about editing my movies to make them smaller before it will let me upload them. I will work on that!