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Tom, Travis and I will be walking with a team from the ATA Martial Arts Academy this June 11 & 12 in the Relay For Life to be held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. There are over 250 Relays held throughout New England and over 5000 in the country. We are raising money to support the American Cancer Society in it’s fight against cancer. Money raised goes directly to support research, education, advocacy and patient support services. We hope you will consider even a small donation to this worthy cause. I would venture to guess that almost everyone alive has been touched by cancer in one way or another. You may donate online by going to We will be updating the event site over the next few months. Please visit often! Here are a few photos I took of my home town. Enjoy!

View of Sunderland from the top of Mount Sugarloaf

Sunderland Bridge from the top of Mount Sugarloaf

Time to register for Farm Camp 2020

Sign up for Little Brook Farm Camp now – there are five weeks to choose from and as usual, it’s first-come-first-serve!

Easter Bunny sightings

There have been multiple Easter Bunny sightings here on the farm in the past few days. I have some seriously tolerant animals. Love the expressions on some of their faces!

Farm-raised turkeys

Order a home-grown, free-range bird, from 15 to 30 pounds, available in September-October.

Our coordinates

Little Brook Farm
334 Russell Street
Sunderland, MA 01375


Camp dates 2020

February 17-21
April 20-24 CANCELLED
June 29-July 3 FULL
July 6-10 FULL

July 20-24 FULL

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