Sheep Shearing Day and Open House

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February 20, 2010 is sheep shearing day at the farm. Visitors are welcome from 9:30 to Noon. You will have the opportunity to learn about how and why sheep are shorn. Handle some raw fleece and see some of the gorgeous blankets made from this fleece. Blankets will be available for purchase this day in Lap size and Queen size. There is no charge for visiting this day, but we will gratefully accept donations to the our Relay For Life team. We are raising money to support the work of the American Cancer Society. I do ask that you email me (see our Contact Us tab) to let me know if you plan to stop by so that I will have a rough head count. So come for a quick visit with the family or stay the whole time, it’s up to you.

The trouble with goats is.....

Animals can't read!

In the photos above, you’ll see our new Nigerian goat buck, Harold, doing what goats do. Standing IN the food to eat it. They can be so challenging to manage sometimes!

The other photo was taken the first weekend of December, (notice the green lawn!) at the Yuletide Festival at Storrowton Village at Eastern States Exposition. I couldn’t resist the picture of the sign with all the animals in the background!

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Awaiting a command

Border Collies were originally bred in the borders of England, Scotland, and Wales, and were developed to work sheep.  They are versatile enough to work many other types of livestock as well. They are unique from any other herding breed because they have been bred solely for the purpose of herding livestock. Sadly, the border collie was recognized in the last decade by the AKC for the show ring. Working border collies will not be AKC registered and remain registered with working registries such as ABCA or the ISDS. These amazing dogs are invaluable on the farm, but are not good as pets. They are driven workaholics that need to be challenged both physically and mentally. Border Collie herding demonstrations are available for fairs and other events by special arrangement.

Time to register for Farm Camp 2020

Sign up for Little Brook Farm Camp now – there are five weeks to choose from and as usual, it’s first-come-first-serve!

Easter Bunny sightings

There have been multiple Easter Bunny sightings here on the farm in the past few days. I have some seriously tolerant animals. Love the expressions on some of their faces!

Farm-raised turkeys

Order a home-grown, free-range bird, from 15 to 30 pounds, available in September-October.

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