The farm store

Farm-fresh eggs

We have a mixed flock of laying chickens that include Americaunas, Speckled Sussex, Black Australorp, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Golden Brabanters and Barnvelders. Our chickens are a little less free range than in past years, thanks to a hungry local fox! They still range outside everyday, and they are locked up at night for […]

Custom-made, 100% wool blankets

Cozy blankets from MacAusland’s Woolen Mill in Prince Edward Island.

Farm Girls bumper sticker

Stick up for family farms with our new bumper stickers!

Free-range chicken

Free-range, delicious chicken. No more dry, white meat!

Quality handspinner fleeces

Border Leicester sheep are selected for the quality of their fleece. Both white and naturally colored fleeces are available. Raw fleeces may be purchased by the pound for handspinning. Custom processing into yarn is also available by request.


Grass-fed, locally grown lamb

The lamb grown on our farm is grass finished on high-quality pasture. This produces a very lean, healthy lamb with a very mild flavor. We guarantee our meat to be hormone and antibiotic free. Lambs may be purchased by the cut or ordered as whole or half-lambs that will be cut to your specifications. Be sure to check out some of our delicious recipes and cooking tips.

Our coordinates

Little Brook Farm
334 Russell Street
Sunderland, MA 01375


Camp dates 2020

February 17-21
April 20-24 CANCELLED
June 29-July 3 FULL
July 6-10 FULL

July 20-24 FULL

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