Time to register for Farm Camp 2020

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Sage with a good sized Boer kid

Camp dates are all set for this year. As always registration is first-come-first-serve. We will have lambs, goat kids, chicks, turkey poults, piglets and our wonderful rescue donkey, Mabel.  New for 2020 we took in a rescue miniature pony mare that is due to have a foal sometime this spring! I look forward to seeing many returning campers this spring and summer! Learn more and sign up for camp here.

  • Week 1 – February 17-21 / February Vacation Camp
  • Week 2 – April 20-24 / April Vacation Camp
  • Week 3 –  June 27-July 3 / Summer Camp
  • Week 4 – July 6-10 / Summer Camp FULL
  • Week 5 – July 20-24 / Farm and Martial Arts Week

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We have a mixed flock of laying chickens that include Americaunas, Speckled Sussex, Black Australorp, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Golden Brabanters and Barnvelders. Our chickens are a little less free range than in past years, thanks to a hungry local fox! They still range outside everyday, and they are locked up at night for safe keeping! Eggs come in all sizes and colors from white and brown eggs to blue and green! Fresh eggs are available daily self serve. Contact us to find out how to access the self serve eggs.

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Bumper sticker Farm Girls

Our awesome bumper stickers are available for $3.00 each. They measure 3″ x 6″ and are printed on glossy, high-quality, weatherproof vinyl. Free shipping.


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The new addition to the lambing barn is finally done! It is all bedded and read for sheep. Lambing will start in March. The first calf is due the end of February and the second calf is due the middle of March. The Goats will be kidding in April! We have decided to add some extra camp weeks this year and limit the number of campers each week. New this year will be an April Vacation Camp to run from April 18 – 22. During the summer we are offering 3 weeks. The first is June 27 – July 1. Week 2 is a 4 day week running from July 5 -8. And Week 3 runs from July 18 – 22. Contact us before sending off your registration form as camps are filling up fast.

Another new addition this year is my new border collie puppy Tilly. She comes to me from Barb Leverett in New York and is coming along well in her training. Look for more pictures of her on sheep this spring.

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Enjoy these photographs from week 2 of camp. Lots of smiling faces and happy animals.

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Border Leicester sheep are selected for the quality of their fleece. Both white and naturally colored fleeces are available. Raw fleeces may be purchased by the pound for handspinning. Custom processing into yarn is also available by request.

Time to register for Farm Camp 2020

Sign up for Little Brook Farm Camp now – there are five weeks to choose from and as usual, it’s first-come-first-serve!

Easter Bunny sightings

There have been multiple Easter Bunny sightings here on the farm in the past few days. I have some seriously tolerant animals. Love the expressions on some of their faces!

Farm-raised turkeys

Order a home-grown, free-range bird, from 15 to 30 pounds, available in September-October.

Our coordinates

Little Brook Farm
334 Russell Street
Sunderland, MA 01375


Camp dates 2020

February 17-21
April 20-24 CANCELLED
June 29-July 3 FULL
July 6-10 FULL

July 20-24 FULL

Come to camp!