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Jewels, Block Printing and Blue Pottery

Saturday, October 24, 2009We have spent 2 days in Jaipur. This is the city that is know for it’s jewels. We went to see how they make the jewelry. It is amazing how rough the stones start out. Then we saw them working with small rubies, a cut called cabochan’s. These are small rounded stones, […]

Ranthambore National Park

TIGER! This is a 4 year old female named Sundor, which means beautiful in Hindu. She has a radio collar on to track her movements. Sunset on the lake Sambor doe with day old fawn Sambor buck Beautiful landscape with a reflection in the lake made by the Maharaja for hunting parties. Many many of […]

Photos at last!

Hi NES! At each hotel we pay from 125 Rs. for 1/2 hour to 200 Rs. for 1 hour. Rs stands for rupees, which is what they use for money instead of dollars. 100 rupees equals about $2.20 in dollars. Thanks for the question! Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009 (I only know that because I asked!) […]

Question from NES

Hi Kristen (and Parents),One student asked if you would tell us how much that expensive internet is costing. We all look forward to updates.Susan

Report from Agra by Howard Whittle

Today (Monday) we visited the Taj Mahal and of course took hundreds of pictures, all before breakfast!The rest of the morning was spent at the Agra Fort, the marble works and a jewelry store. Then Kristen and I spent half an hour photographing families of 3-4&5 on one motorcycle or scooter in the crazy traffic. […]

Report from Agra by Nurse Whittle

Hello again! It has been a few days, although we have done so much it seems like a week! We are now in Agra where we visited the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and the place that they make marble items with the most exquisite inlays I have ever seen. We got up this morning […]

What a Ride! by Howard Whittle

Saturday’s most fascinating experience was a tour in a pedicab, two of us on a seat behind someone pedaling a tricycle through the most unbelieveable mix of cars, 3 wheel taxis, motorcycles, motorscooters, bicycles and people on foot through narrow alleys lined with vendors of everything. I think I’ve captured some short videos that may […]

New and Old Delhi

What an absolutely amazing place. We have spent 2 days now touring New Delhi, the capital of India and Old Delhi. Thank heavens we have a driver. Negotiating the traffic here is CRAZY! There really are not many rules, except that everyone uses their horns incessantly to let each other know that they are there. […]

I’m Packed!

I am finally all packed and ready to go. We fly out of Montreal tomorrow. The time is 12 hours ahead in India. You can take a look at all of the time zones in the world by going to We will drive from Vermont to Montreal on wednesday morning. We pretty much fit […]

Getting Ready To Go

Nurse Whittle from Northfield Elementary School will be traveling to India on October 14, 2009. I will be traveling with my parents, Bebe and Howie Whittle from Warren, Vermont. We will be visiting the northern part of India and are lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Pushkar Camel Fair and the Taj […]

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